Thought of the Week: Life Never Happens Later

Not the best pic to convey my point. Image via

“How would you live if you lived 100%?”  This was a question I posed to myself in a dream last week.  I woke up seconds later contemplating the question’s implications.  What was I waiting for?  When are you really going to invest in your dream of being a writer?  When are you going to stop being a miser with your money?  When are you going to tie up all the loose ends in your life?  Do I think there’s a better time than now?  Am I waiting for circumstances to improve?  Don’t I know better than that?  I got out of bed resolved to start living 100% then and there.

Before I started living 100%, I had to pee.  After peeing, I had to meditate.  Then I needed coffee and toast.  I couldn’t very well live 100% without showering, flossing and brushing my teeth.  By the time I had left the house and performed my automaton-like morning routine, my resolve to live 100% got knocked down to 68%.  After a typical day of email correspondences, some writing, web-surfing, Facebook, eating, and other mundane tasks, resolve dipped into the upper 30’s.  I will live life 100%, but later. Continue reading “Thought of the Week: Life Never Happens Later”